True Righteousness

Everything God created, He did from a bowel of love. God, by divine wisdom created all things, and after creation saw that all was good. One of the qualities that typifies the nature of this God, is that of Righteousness. Seeing that God created man in His image, He thus expects His creation to be righteous even as He is because his spirt gave birth to humanity– our original nature! Righteousness is however a lifestyle, our way of life, that can only be engendered by a life dedicated to loving God; one deliberately committed to staying in His presence at all times. To commune with a righteous God, one must of necessity place a premium on righteousness themselves.

True righteousness is a function of love for God! True righteousness isn’t centered simply on externals – physical coverings from clothing to depict modesty, or austerity – but hinges on love in its purest forms towards God, and His creation. To live righteously, one’s mindset and disposition towards all that concerns God, is a key factor. The Spirit of God naturally draws near to people who selflessly love others. Only the selfless can understand true righteousness – in actuality, the true meaning of life! Having God’s interests, and consequently those of your neighbours’ at heart, is the precursor of true righteousness. The Spirit of God guides the heart of one into the paths of righteousness, who willingly gives themselves over to loving. Please read the book of 

Proverbs 21:21 
“He who earnestly seeks righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness, and honor.”

proverbs 15:9

“The way [of life] of the wicked is hateful and exceedingly offensive to the Lord, But He loves one who pursues righteousness [personal integrity, moral courage and honorable character].”

One of the areas individuals usually fall short, when it comes to the idea of living righteously, is the myth that they do not possess the capacity to quit some sin they are engaged in, that might have developed into a habit. True love for God makes it impossible for you to entertain sin. Discipline and prudence with the knowledge of God’s love in your heart, prompts you to always act right. Walking righteously does not weary one out: seeing that the passions of the flesh have been consumed by the fire of God’s love burning in the heart of such a person (Romans 12:1-2). Paul admonishes by the Spirit of God, that transformation of one’s life can only be achieved by the renewal of the mind of such a fellow. Your mind must be renewed in content and processes. This is a painstaking, yet worthwhile exercise, and the only potent instrument to effectively bring this to bear is God’s Word (Col. 3:9-10 & col 3:1-25). If one still finds their old ways desirable, then they fail to understand what following God entails. They have not at all rejected the flesh, and so cannot comprehend nor express true righteousness. The Spirit of God enlightens your heart, equipping it to hate sin. We are yet weak because we have not fully grasped why we should be strong instead. Only the love of God in you and the influence of the holy spirit can lead you to true righteousness.

True righteousness does not lie in ephemeral things: it is not explicate in cultural narratives of propriety, be they in the world, or in Church systems. However, true righteousness is not in excusing behaviours of impropriety either. The righteousness that comes from God, is rooted in love for God, and an unrelenting desire to please Him. It is the heart of one given to love, whose righteousness can instigate a passion in them to see others repent, hence seeking to correct or reprove them. We take a cue from Jesus’ life on the earth, being one that typifies how sin ought to be fought against – from a heart that loves. Lowly Jesus laid down His life for mankind, ridding them of sin and its consequences, because He loved them. He then says to us all: “be ye perfect, even as Your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Paul subsequently examines this perfection, and refers to perfectness as the bond of charity/love thereof . Please read (Col. 3:14, 1 Cor. 8:13, 1 Pet. 4:8, 1 Cor. 13:13). This scriptures shows his way of describing true righteousness in different cases presented to him.

True righteousness is attainable only within the ambits of love; seeing all things through God’s eyes, whilst we sojourn on the earth (1 Tim. 1:5).


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