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Our idea of communication with our Creator and ourselves has been lacking for a very long time, permit me to say, from the beginning of the creation of man. This realization has made me understand that God wants us to communicate with critical reasoning and love, not just to ourselves but also to Him. That’s why we must first seek these key elements which are His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and most importantly, LOVE, which is the summary of good communication. Now, the question is, why are we not communicating with love? We can’t, believe me when I say we can’t communicate well because for centuries only a few people have discovered that we lack good communication, and this should be seen as a problem. So, how could we have had good communication when we do not realize we have a problem in communication, not to mention good communication with love? We, as humans, do not communicate well, and there has been little or no medium to get it right. Let’s look at the Bible after the cr