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Our Expectation Of Heaven.

God is the Creator of all things and His creation is extraordinary. He derives joy in His prefect works, we are living proof of His beautiful works so how much more the splendid creation we are yet to see in His kingdom. With God’s spirit, His knowledge and power we can do a lot of things here on earth like explain our dwelling place, our planet , explore the hidden minerals and elements and a lot more. We are able to create many things here on earth, how much more when we dwell in His kingdom, we will be cable of creating what God wills for us.              I wonder why we think the way we do and have forgotten the scripture. He said I will create a new earth and heaven where there would be no sickness and many promised things .Yet we ponder ignorantly saying how will heaven be like if it entails worshipping God alone, it would be boring they would say ,God forbids such thought. God created us hence what we think proceeds from the heart He created, He sees how we think and our imagina