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The Possibility To Unlearn

When a child is born he has no knowledge(which is a gift every being has to learn and unlearn) because he came to learn , he has only conscience given as he came. We know the child is here to learn but we forget the child is here to learn and unlearn , but as an adult we have conscience and knowledge(giving us an elusive idea to forget as children we unlearn through our parents of the things we loved. For children each day is sentenced to cry and forgetfulness of whatever they have come to like.....accepting what they can that is appropriate by who they are surrounded with, this moulds them as they grow. I believe this is one of the reasons why jesus said we must be like children, just as a child cries to sleep as the mother stops the breastfeeding for the year and the child ends that phase. So also we must stop from thinking somethings are unlearned. just because mentally your brain calculates your chances and gives you a feedback of impossibilities is the difference between you