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There was a time in my life, I questioned why I would sin against God and go back the next week to ask for forgiveness then dream of all the things I would quit physically but mentally still invited. At some point i grew bitter,i would medicate, talk to myself about how i am the biggest joker of the year for not having a stand, sometimes i would cry or laugh at myself .when the day is over i would calculate all the things i wasn't meant to think, act, and Speak. I distanced myself from asking for forgiveness from God because I knew I wasn't sure to be faithful the next week. I asked some persons why we would willingly sin and still go back to God when we could quit most of the sins we asked for forgiveness unfortunately their answers did not justify the reasons. I finally discovered I cheated on God countless times because I could and I was enslaved in the mentality that the love and blood he shed will speak for my sins and save me from hell. A misguided conception. God's l