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Clarity Of Our World Through God's Eyes

The tale of God and humanity is a multifaceted one, However, what intrigues me the most are stories which exemplify His humility and love, which overcomes pride and hate in man. Our story with God is constantly rooted in being selfless, as a child .The workings of God are bound by principles: principles stipulated by Himself, to guard and guide; principles binding for all ages.  As He has said: “ Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass away”.  Oh what humility for a King and Creator to be subject to laws He crafted! Pride however, has separated God’s people from Him, through humility and submission to the influence of the Spirit of truth – the Holy Spirit – the only way to reconcile themselves back to God. (Matt. 18:3-4). In as much as God has the power to give us the perfect life He wants for us [even in this corrupt world,] the earth is presently an eternity away from His definition of perfection. The world we see today has become such a lesson ground f