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Whether one is a science student or not, I believe everyone should understand their environment, starting from the smallest unit of any entity. The universe views us as a tiny speck of dust, coming together to form a whole that we can feel and touch. However, to the universe, we are like clusters of particles that can sense and react with other particles around us spontaneously. This reaction depends on which atom or particle dominates in an individual and its environment. It’s no wonder I am concluding that the smallest things are the most powerful. In the realm of the universe, the concept of basic units has a significant impact on all aspects of the universe. A profound phenomenon is quantum mechanics, where the behavior of particles on a minuscule scale can influence a larger system. One might wonder why we are talking about science. The word “physics” is derived from the Greek word φύσις (physis), which means “Nature” .If you understand the definition of physics, you would know th