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The relationship call

We must acknowledge that Christianity is a relationship demanded from us by our creator this demand is a privilege because the creator did not compel us into it for he has given us free will to know that we can't do without him. He wants us to be fully aware that he deserves all the love and respect from us. How best can we discover this truth if not through free will to think and make decisions for ourselves. For this great privilege, God the creator is just and true. For God abides by his own laws created by Him.  Now our heart play a major role in acceptance to fully immerse into this relationship. God searches the heart that longs to dwell with him. Our destiny to inherit his kingdom and promise lies in the state of our heart toward goodness and love. The purity of our heart is what determine a good relationship with God. A heart that loves darkness and sin will surely die a sinner but a contrite heart God cannot resist. The decision making of our heart determine which m