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True Righteousness

Everything God created, He did from a bowel of love. God, by divine wisdom created all things, and after creation saw that all was good. One of the qualities that typifies the nature of this God, is that of Righteousness. Seeing that God created man in His image, He thus expects His creation to be righteous even as He is because his spirt gave birth to humanity– our original nature! Righteousness is however a lifestyle, our way of life, that can only be engendered by a life dedicated to loving God; one deliberately committed to staying in His presence at all times. To commune with a righteous God, one must of necessity place a premium on righteousness themselves. True righteousness is a function of love for God! True righteousness isn’t centered simply on externals – physical coverings from clothing to depict modesty, or austerity – but hinges on love in its purest forms towards God, and His creation. To live righteously, one’s mindset and disposition towards all that concerns God,

The Untold Love Story

Were we told the right story about God ? The actual one that will lead us to search our lives and change totally our mind set .it took till my 20s to come to an understanding of the love of God to humanity. So i ask where we told the right story , i mean the one that a naive teenager that has little experience with life but is energetic to discover and set some priority.  Lets see this example: HE created that you may discover HIM and choose over every other thing to be with HIM, giving you total liberty out of love to decide if you want to spend an eternity with HIM in paradise or an eternity in hell. Its sad to say this love story was never emphasized to us ,imagine a God creating a being and asking that being to love his creator first with all his mind,soul and heart, when He can command the love totally to be in that created being.  “I would say what is formed from itself has the ability to generate complete love from its origin if only you believe".  God said in his