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Cultivating the act of reading

  Children are born, devoid of understanding and knowledge hoping to learn about the world they live in. It is left for our parents to help them seek the foundation of all knowledge. But our parents were devoid of such understanding because they were not enlighten with true foundation of knowledge. Many of our parents died not tapping into true knowledge because of their negligence to books and a spoken word from people who have studied life. Treasures of the world lies in a written paper so also the secrets of the world lies in the heart and mouth of a personality but the best means to pass these treasures to the world is by a written note, for anyone who desires to have them will seek for it in books. Our Ignorance to study books, to find information and knowledge affects our effectiveness to the world. Alot of people have been inspired by God to write mysterious writing that only a few can explain but this words are buried in the life of some people because they hate the thought of