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The Act Of Conceiving Good Seeds.

Blessed is the humble listening heart, the word of light shall never depart from that heart but would greatly concieve good seeds . From childhood you would see people fighting so hard to set aside things they dont fancy, ranging from good motivational speech from preachers, inspirational speakers down to good books,basically things that would nutrify the soul or cleanse the soul. We experience this rashing aside around schools, churches, individually etc . Forgetting what we hear and read today will concieve in our heart and yield fruits in future. I was glancing through a book one day ,then suddenly i came across a page that really affected me, quickly i covered the page with so much bitterness and regret . This action was involuntary spontaneous, it happened without the person i was having a conversation beside me noticing this reaction. After my divided attention was refocused, i discovered i was losing interest on the book, then a thought came to my head which was like a que

Nudity perspective from our first parents

From a biblical perspective, you can almost understand or agree that God was ok with us being naked. Take the animals for example, they are comfortable with their body with no trace of shame because they don't have the awareness of what should or should not be. According to Psalms 139: 14, we have an attraction by the sight that even the angels lusted for. We as God's perfect work are a sight to behold in awe. GOD could have easily made Adam some clothes from animal skin the very minute he was created without Adam understanding its purpose. Let’s say if it was for covering his shame, or their shame, it would be purposeless since they had no awareness of their nudity; no sense of judgement of what is good or bad (no wisdom to identify good and evil initially). Maybe if they hadn't eaten from the tree, we would have been naked too, or clothing could have popped up in Gods mind at some point so He would have instructed Adam to make something just as He instructed him to name