The Gospel, Our Deliverance

God is a spirit ,for this reason only God can reveal himself to man. To know God is to grow in the knowledge of the word of God. Why? Because the word of God brings forth deliverance to the soul of man.
 When we immerse into Gods words it exposes his nature which is holiness, righteousness and purity. Our soul or spirit man will synchronise and take the shape of our creator but only through the education in the word. After the word of God delivers a soul. We then will receive revelation  also known as understanding.

A collaborative  mind set , plan and will to be educated with the bible  will lead us to dwell in the secret place of the most high. 

To know God is to grow in the knowledge of the word of God. This word also includes what Gods spirit would be revealing to us, things we haven't heard before but we would be educated by God's spirit of new knowledge not only the bible.

Gospel deliverance 
 Every man born of a woman is a captive that is a slave to sin. For this reason we are to free ourselves from this captivity which was as a result of disobedience, the sin done by man from the beginning. 

This sin caused a separation between man and God. For this reason the gospel is the deliverance to set the spirit man free from sin.

Gospel deliverance is the breaking of three barriers and the freedom of the spirit man from foundational spirit by birth , acquired spirit of the world and ancestral spirit of the land into liberty in Christ Jesus 

The spirit man Is the soul that sinned 
Foundational spirit of birth:- this is gotten from the mother and father. few examples of this is 

Some individual inherited this vices from their parents through blood .We find some people proud of their wicked vices.You cannot boast with this features because they are unrighteous features. It is transfered through blood from one generation to the other. Anyone that is not delivered from foundational spirit cannot be saved. 

Acquired spirit:- this is gotten from the world example include spirit man bondage 
1.)bad friendship
2.)education( humans originated from apes)
3.)traveling and exposure to bad culture 
5.)books( bad ideology books)
6.)music( bad corrupting songs)
7.) association 

A good example of acquired spirit  is a change in cultural environment where people believe that dressing indecency is normal, children in that society would grow up and would see nothing wrong with indecent dressing. That would lead to them acquiring bad spirit from their environment.

Ancestral spirit of the land:- this is gotten from the land this includes
1.)traditional( celebration e.g. food festival for sacrifice to molten images)
2.)Cultural  activities like masquerade
3.)sacrifices to unknown gods

Some people join festive celebration from their origin that has been dedicated to an unknown god by their ancient parents and they seal some covenant by blood with their unborn children. This can also invite bad spirit into the life of such individuals

The only way to break free is the spirit man to be educated by the word of light. This will make the captive know the truth from how this spiritual bondage comes, why it comes and how to break free from it through the word of God. Challenges will come to oppose you when you begin the gospel deliverance but it is the spirit in bondage that is fighting the inner man. We must study the word of God so we can be set free.


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