Establishing Life On The Right Path

Set your affections on things above not on things on the earth ( Colossians 3:2) Because we are called to be heavenly minded people not people with selfish and evil ways (Romans 3:10-12). Its Gods desire that we should think on Him and desire to be with Him, God demands our perfection to dwell with him and three things are required (Psalm 15:1-2). This is where Jesus Christ our savior comes in.

He did not come to be a teacher but to glorify God in all his ways and redeem man, to pave a way for us to become citizens of heaven by his sacrifice with himself (Hebrew 9:22).
He continued this redemption by sending the greatest gift to humanity from the beginning of time the comforter "the holy spirit" that impact heavenly characters and nature in us. (Hebrew 7:26-27) (Ezekiel 11:19-20).

When you are baptized by the holy spirit you received the indwelling of the holy spirit ,there in made the temple for Gods spirit to dwell. With your desire to be enlightened the teacher, influencer of the kingdom of God (The Holy Spirit) will transform you into a citizen of Heaven Hence giving you the desire to please God. The big question is,  am I a heavenly dweller? This question is so important to ignore, but we fail to ask ourselves.

Its concluded that the world or earths knowledge or wisdom prevents the world from attaining true wisdom. You must first desire spiritual growth and hunger for it to achieve true wisdom (Proverb 2:3-6) (James 1-5)

Need Leads To Action.

Roberts Liardon said in his book:it is easy to say yes i want wisdom but your life says a different thing. Do you hunger and thirst for godly wisdom to the point of actually seeking it out? Lets take an example: Your hungry or thirsty really really thirsty and your stranded in the desert with no water ,thirsty, parched, dried out and dehydrated and you are desperately in need of a drink and suddenly a friend shows up with a cup of water would you drink it? You bet you would, to turn it down would mean that you are either a fool or your not thirsty at all, after all why would a genuinely thirst person turn down a glass of water. This will tell you how many people turn down a cup of water in the desert, in true sense then down what they need. They talk, talk and talk about how they desire discernment, but never take action to satisfy that desire. "Can this really be called desire"? No! Would true desire not lead to action?

A physically thirsty or hungry person acts on his or her state of mind hence if you are genuinely thirsty for God and his wisdom ,your life will show it .The people around you will be able to tell you have the desire for wisdom. Desire is not just about emotions; its about motion. So i ask ,are you the hungry christian walking away from the bowl of rice or the famished believer going to the ends of the earth to get himself or her self filled? 


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